OTHER [ōtepoti chinese]

Blue Oyster Art Project is pleased to present OTHER [ōtepoti chinese], an ongoing interdisciplinary project by theatre-artist, Alice Canton.

OTHER [ōtepoti chinese]
15 June – 13 July, 2019
Blue Oyster Art Project (15 Dowling Street, Dunedin)

Opening Preview: Friday 14 June, 5:30pm

OTHER [ōtepoti chinese] investigates the experiences of Chinese people in Ōtepoti, asking what it means to be Chinese—ethnically, culturally and socially—here and now. The exhibition includes a new video work, filmed on location in and around the city, capturing the hyper in/visibility of the community against the backdrop of the contemporary urban landscape in Ōtepoti.

OTHER [ōtepoti chinese] forms part of a wider performance project, OTHER [chinese], creating space for multiple voices to arise: because being Chinese, and being Chinese in Aotearoa, is not one, singular thing.

The project includes storytelling workshops for participants to connect to other identities within the Chinese diaspora born here and across the Asia-Pacific region. Stories are woven into a live, documentary theatre production in which audiences access up to a hundred volunteer participants sharing the rich continuum of perspectives held by Chinese in Aotearoa—placing ‘old migrants’ (those whose ancestral line trace back to the goldmines) alongside ‘new migrants’ (those recently moved to New Zealand).

I say, ‘space’ because OTHER [ōtepoti chinese] feels like more like an experience than an exhibition of artworks. In the muted, red-tinged light, Canton has provided a framework that encourages visitors to engage with the subjects – Chinese who live in Ōtepoti/Dunedin – on the subjects’ terms, or as much as this is possible. Just who is ”other” becomes fluid and malleable.
– Robyn Maree Pickens, Otago Daily Times

In collaboration with:
Tom Neunzerling