WHITE_MESS is a creative, open structure that facilitates the production of highly diverse theatre projects and collaborations.

The company was established by performer and theatre-artist Alice Canton, and is currently based in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), New Zealand.


White Mess 是一个有创意、开放式的结构,有助于生产高度多样化的戏剧项目和合作。
该组织由表演者和剧院艺术家Alice Canton在奥克兰成立。



OTHER {chinese]

Following on from the success of her 2016 WHITE/OTHER season at The Basement, writer and director Alice Canton delves even deeper into the uncomfortable and nuanced conversation about identity in OTHER [chinese].

Canton has spent the year in workshops with participants from various different Chinese communities connecting and exploring what it is to be Chinese in Auckland, here and now.

Experience the realisation of these stories and conversations in OTHER [chinese], where Canton invites up to 100 performers on stage every night for this large-scale documentary theatre.

OTHER [chinese] opens up conversations in order to create meaningful change in the world, and challenges the many forms of cultural mis-representation, discrimination and invisibility that exists around Chinese identity.

“OTHER [chinese] is something that New Zealand needs. It’s a testament to Canton’s skill as a storyteller and facilitator that the show, and its accompanying workshops, convey a strong sense of empowerment through the affirmation of personal experiences. And this is something that we have been waiting a long time to see.”
– Amy Weng, The Pantograph Punch


Director and Creator: Alice Canton
Producer: Julie Zhu
Lighting and Production Design: Brad Gledhill and Rachel Marlow
Dramaturg: Kate Prior
Stage Manager: Natasha Hoyland
Video Content: Kelly Chen
AV Design: Jessica McCall
Sound Design: Matt Eller
Community Liaison: Coco Cui

Q Theatre, Auckland New Zealand
6 – 16 September  2017


OTHER [chinese] is educational, gentle and filled with off-the-cuff humour…increases cross-cultural understanding (elsewhere, sometimes a solemn goal) and does so in a fun and enjoyable way.”
– Janet McCallister, NZ Herald


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