Created with fifteen actors aged 16 – 20 years, DO NOT TOUCH THE EXHIBITION is an engaging theatrical experience exploring the Canterbury Museum.

Moving the audience through the building to discover the worlds of the collection – and the stories they evoke – the work included site-specific exploration of Christchurch Street, Antartica, Bird Hall, and Nga Taonga.


Director: Alice Canton and Holly Chappell

Cast: Vincent Andrew-Scammell; Tara Erenskjold; Ben Ashby; Nick Cheesebrough; Millie Osborne; Jemima Huston; Meghan Laing; Kate Hellings; Lakely Montagne; Ezra Prattley; Joe Coughlan; Pauline Ward; Olivia Parker; Rheanna Walsh; Ellen Jones-Poole; Rachel Pugh; Asher Etherington; Emma McMullan.

Production Photography: Jake Metzger

Company: The Court Theatre
Venue: Canterbury Museum, Christchurch
Dates: 3-5 December; 10-12 December, 2014

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I find this work to be fresh and exciting; its young cast demonstrate commitment, passion and vulnerability, and for my money it runs rings around a lot of the ‘grown up’ work that’s been on offer this year. – Theatreview