Just be yourself.
Just be yourself [when nobody’s watching].
Never be yourself.

Created with a cast of 15 performers aged 15-20, DANCE LIKE EVERYBODY’S WATCHING investigates the ways in which we desire to be ‘authentically’ ourselves, scrutinizing the pressures placed on young people growing up in the age of social media.

Set against the backdrop of the annual youth theatre festival HERE AND NOW (Auckland Theatre Company) in a newly opened, “state-of-the-art” theatre, this site-specific, largely non-verbal work encouraged the performers and audiences to take ownership of the building, reclaim the corridors, private areas and VIP rooms, and in the process take ownership of their own unique place in the world.



Director: Alice Canton
Sound Design:
Nick Garrett
Costume Design: Dominique Bela
Costume Mentor: Alison Reid
Production Photographer: Michael Smith

Company: Auckland Theatre Company
Venue: ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland
Dates: 21 – 24 April, 2017