Project explores experience of being Chinese in NZ
Save for the most incredible drag show I attended in Wellington over the summer, I’ve gone over a year without stepping foot in a theatre. READ MORE

Exploration of Chinese identity and experience
A documentary theatre project coming to Dunedin will bring into focus the many forms of cultural misrepresentation, discrimination and invisibility that exists around Chinese identity. READ MORE

No Longer the “Other”?
Something happened this year to Chinese New Zealand theatre – it broke into the mainstream. READ MORE

New Zealand Chinese Performing Arts: A Passing of the Torch
The year thus far has been quite a treat for connoisseurs of stage productions. This output has been notable for the coverage of a much-neglected history.  READ MORE

PM Jacinda Ardern craves the day when arts valued by all
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she personally craves the day when all New Zealanders recognise why the arts are important. READ MORE

The Everyday Erasure of Being a Chinese New Zealander
Invisibility is something associated with magic and folklore, disguising heroes and heroines from their foe. READ MORE

Q Theatre play delves into question of Chinese identity
What does it mean to be Chinese? A new play at Q Theatre is trying to answer that question. READ MORE

Twelve Questions with Julie Zhu
Theatre and film maker Julie Zhu is getting 100 Chinese Aucklanders on stage to tell their stories in a show about what it means to be Chinese in Auckland. READ MORE

“What is Being Chinese?”
Members of Auckland’s New Zealand Chinese community are being invited up onto Q Theatre’s stage to tell their personal stories. READ MORE

Interview: Alice Canton
Sometime in early June I attended a theatre workshop run by Alice Canton and Julie Zhu called “What is Chinese?”. READ MORE

Loose Canons: Alice Canton
Loose Canons is a series in which we invite artists we love to share five things that have informed their work. READ MORE

Questioning Authenticity 
There are a number of ways to define ‘authentic’, but these two in particular capture the conflicted nature of how the word is commonly used. READ MORE

Chats with Alice Canton: What is being Chinese?
“What is Chinese? What is being Chinese? What is not Chinese?” These are the conversations which creator and director Alice Canton aims to spark in her upcoming documentary theatre, Other [chinese]. READ MORE

Chinese identity in Aotearoa
The relationship between Chinese and Māori here in NZ is one of the topics that will be explored in a new theatre production, Other Chinese. READ MORE

Auckland show invites 100 Chinese people to share their stories
An Auckland theatre duo are calling on 100 Chinese people to share their stories on stage. READ MORE

The othering of Chinese New Zealanders
A play tackling race and identity in New Zealand’s Chinese community will hit Auckland’s Q theatre this September. READ MORE


Dunedin Arts Festival: OTHER [Chinese]
“…spellbinding guidance is at hand from Alice Canton, whose inspired and smart direction of OTHER [chinese] gives us glimpses of what it’s like to be in a minority in society.” READ MORE

Rejecting Singularity: Review OTHER [chinese]
OTHER [chinese] is an ambitious undertaking – part social experiment, political movement, oral history and archive – not to mention an hour and a half of live documentary theatre, that promises to delve deep into the complexities and contradictions of Chinese identity in Aotearoa today. READ MORE

OTHER [chinese] Review
Billed as a “live documentary theatre show”, OTHER [chinese] is educational, gentle and filled with off-the-cuff humour. READ MORE

In Review: OTHER [chinese]
As an audience member, it’s a powerful and moving experience to hear the collection of words a person has carefully chosen to tell their story, express themselves, and allow strangers to have a glimpse into their personal life. READ MORE

Somewhat Agree
There is no doubting Alice Canton is an artist with a considerable range of skills and experience to work with. READ MORE

A Rich Array of Experiences and Ideas
A richly representative array of Auckland’s Chinese residents share the stage of Q Loft in Alice Canton’s OTHER [chinese], an intriguing investigation into what it is to be Chinese in Aotearoa at this moment in time. READ MORE

Review: OTHER [chinese]
Following her solo show White/Other, Alice Canton has expanded her exploration of identity into a multifaceted production driven by a variety of voices. READ MORE

Seen: OTHER [chinese]
The product of a series of workshops over the last few months, Alice Canton’s Other [Chinese] opened last week at Auckland’s Q Theatre. READ MORE